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Published Date : 02 Dec 2015
QPIC continue to support its CSR initiatives along with The Protégés program

Sadoun Ali: ”We are committed through our CSR programs to support initiatives that empowers our local youth skills and personalities- our future leaders”
Kuwait City, 24 November 2015: As part of QPIC- Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company initiatives to support and develop the local youth skills and talents under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. QPIC has recently met with the current generation of the Protégés to confirm its support to the program for the second consecutive year.
The Protégés program is a social program that aims to develop and enhance the personal and leadership skills of the local youth ranging between 16 – 24 years old, through the use of innovative and effective techniques of teaching inside and outside of Kuwait.
During the event, Mr. Sadoun Ali, QPIC Vice-Chairman & CEO expressed his admiration with the initiative and the efforts made from both, the organizers as well as the students to transform this program into success. He also shared with the students a number of advices and examples from his personal career-life that was filled with success and challenge stories. Mr. Ali emphasized on the importance of proper planning and good companionship in building one’s future, illustrating that it is only normal for everyone to face many challenges and obstacles during his personal and practical life, but the lesson lies in learning from previous mistakes to overcome them when the scenario repeats itself.
Finally, Mr. Ali stressed on QPIC commitment through its CSR programs to support initiatives that contributes to the community through developing the local youth personalities and skills, as they resemble the future leaders of the country and the current largest stake of the Kuwaiti population.
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