Press Releases


Published Date : 07 Jun 2011
First Quarter Brief:

> QPIC net profit for 31 March 2011 reached KD 18,160,921. The Earning         Per Share is 16.58 fils.
> We received KD 14.21 million from Equate and TKOC.
> Our total assets reached KD 211.22 million.
> Petrochemical prices are at their peak levels.
> A shortage in gas supply to Equate and TKOC is limiting their production.
> KPPC has turned in good profits.
> TKSC exceeded last year’s figures
> QPIC Management is investigating ways to improve KPPC long term               profitability.
> UOP profits are improving
> QPIC requested reduction of Algeria Methanol Capital.

> QPIC is considering a different location for the PTA/PET Project.