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Published Date : 27 Jun 2011
Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company Holds its Deferred Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting for Amending the Financial Year of the Company

Kuwait, June 27, 2011- The deferred extraordinary General Assembly of Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company held its meeting at 10:30 am, on Monday, 27/6/2011, at the premises of Ministry of Commerce & Industry. After the representative of Ministry of Commerce & Industry announced that the legal quorum is available for convening the Ordinary General Assembly meeting with the attendance of 594,953,059 shares in person and by proxy (i.e., equivalent to 54.31%) out of 1,099,192,576 shares representing the capital shares of the Company, Mr.EssaKhaled Al-Essa- Deputy Chairman of the Company, announced the opening of the session, welcomed the attendants and proceeded with the agendaof the meeting. The attendants approved and ratified the item listed on the agenda, as follows: 1- Approval to amend Article (45) of the Articles of Association of the Company, so that the financial year of the Company begins on the first of April and endson the 31st of March every year, excluding the current financial year which begins on the first of January 2011and ends on the 31st of March 2012.