Basic Materials

United Oil Projects Co. (UOP)

UOP was incorporated in the early eighties under the name of Kuwait Chemical Manufacturing Company (KCMC), interpreting the pioneer vision of its founders to meet both local and international market requirements for specialized chemicals.

In 2005, the company’s management adopted a reformed strategy for the development of its activities to adroitly meet and accommodate the frequent economic transformations and developments, as well as to foster its returns through seizing available investment opportunities in the energy sector, which has witnessed a profound growth during the years.

UOP focuses on specialized projects in the Energy, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors through its direct investment in United Precision Drilling Company (UPDC) - a joint venture in partnership with Weatherford International Company. The Company also owns a significant share in Al-Khorayef Company for sale, maintenance & repair of oil production equipment L.L.C (AKC), a subsidiary of Saudi based Al-Khorayef Group. This is in addition to other strategic companies which are international market majors in these sectors.

The Company’s Chemical Division is a key producer of polymers, which are used in the manufacture of coatings and glass reinforced products, establishing a local and international presence under the brand name KCMC and becoming the largest resins supplier in Kuwait. UOP is certified to ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management System) Standards.

Ownership Structure:-

Ownership% Name of Company
51.6% Qurain Petrochemical Industries (QPIC) & subsidiaries
48.4% Others

Associates & Subsidiaries

Ownership% Asset Class Name of Company Country
48% Associate United Precision Drilling Company (UPDC) Kuwait
25% Associate Al-Khorayef United Holding Company(AKUH) Kuwait

Production Capacities (KMT)

Product Capacity
Hydroxy and thermoplastic acrylics resin 5,000 tpa
Polyester resin 4,000 tpa

Associate Companies

United Precision Drilling Company (UPDC)
UPDC is a Joint Venture Company, established since 2005, with majority share-holding held between United Oil Projects & Weather ford. The Joint Venture caters to the Drilling Business requirement in the Kuwait market, both onshore & offshore, with the objective of building the largest, most technically and most highly regarded Drilling organization in Kuwait. Situated in the heart of Kuwait’s oil region in Al-Ahmadi, UPDC services Oil & Gas wells on a contractual basis. Main clients include Kuwait Oil Company & other Joint Operations.

Al-Khorayef United Holding Company (AKUH)
UOP’s 25?quired 25% shareholding in Al-Khorayef United Holding (AKUH) in 2007, while AKUH owns 100% of Al Khorayef Company for Supply, Maintenance, & Repair of Oil Production Equipment LLC, Kuwait. Al-Khorayef Company for Sale, Maintenance, & Repair of Oil Production Equipment LLC sells maintains and repairs oil production equipment. From inception, the company has offered pumping services to the state owned upstream company Kuwait Oil Company, the Joint Operation in Wafra and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

Inshaa Holding

Insha'a Holding Company was established in October 2005 to meet the increasing demand on building and construction materials. The company invests the resources of its subsidiaries efficiently in to achieve all its commitments and support them to be a pioneer in their field of business.

Insha'a Holding company aims to be a pioneer through the creative management, using technology, advanced methods and committing to provide products with high quality. The company also seeks to exploit the promising investment opportunity in the sector of manufacturing and trading construction materials in the local market, the Middle East and International markets as well as establishing new factories or acquiring influential shares in building and construction materials companies.

Insha’a Subsidiaries

1. Bubiyan Ready-Mix Company (BRM)
BRM was established in 2005 to serve the Kuwaiti construction industry needs. It’s currently considered one of the major supplier in Kuwait for Readymix. It operates two plants with a production capacity of 200 cubic m / hour of wet-mix concrete.
BRM owns 47 mixer trucks, 4 mobile pumps and other supporter machines to produce ~333 thousand cubic meter of concrete annually – representing 3% of the market share in Kuwait. It has over 100 employees and has successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

2. SANDCO for General Trade and Contracting Company

SANDCO was established in 1997 with a capital of KD 180 thousand with the sole purpose of extracting and treatment of natural and washed sands, gatch soil, backfiling sand and sieved sand in the local market. It is specialized in production and supply of all types of washed/treated soil according to accepted international specifications.
It is backed up by a large fleet of machinery to produce its products, SANDCO uses the latest technology to satisfy all market needs and requirement of treated sand solutions. It currently own seven stations for sieving, washing and treating sand. SANDCO also successfully obtained its ISO 9001:2006 certification.

3. Bayan Establishment for General Trading and Contracting Company
Bayan was established in 2006, under the umbrella of Insha’a Holding as a company specialized in production and supply of all types of washed and treated soil according to international standards and specifications. Today, Bayan holds a leading market position in conducting treatments of sand types of soil such as Washed Sand, Gatch Soil, Agriculture Soil and Sieved Sand. It extracts its raw materials by drilling and converts the same into products through modern washing and treatment methods.

4. Tashyeed Combined Company
Tashyeed was established in 2005 and operates in the field of producing interlock, curbstone, and paving concrete. It currently operates three production lines for interlock blocks, which outputs 8 different shapes and thicknesses and another two production lines for making curb-stone and 60x60 concrete paving blocks with five different shapes and thicknesses.

5. EPO Gulf Specialties Company
EPO was established in 2010 to manufacture and supplies Cement Admixtures, Concrete Admixtures, Concrete and Steel Protective, Mortar Admixtures, Repair Mortars, Repair Concretes, Grout Mortars, Epoxy Mortars, Epoxy Coatings, Carbon Fiber Strengthen Products & various Construction chemicals.
EPO Gulf has three production lines; Concrete Admixture Production, with an annual capacity of around 40 million liters; Cementitious Production Line for producing the Adhering Products, Isolation Products & Concrete Repair Products with an annual capacity of 6,000 ton; and Epoxy Production Line for making Epoxy Protective Paints and Epoxy Grout with an annual capacity of 1,500 ton.
EPO Gulf also offers concrete admixture solutions, repair and protection systems, and structural strengthening systems. All solutions comply with international standards and engineered to improve production and application.